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You want to learn more about AI and how it changes the world?

There is a huge buzz around artificial intelligence (AI) and its subsets such as machine learning and natural language processing. This hype has largely been created by the transformational impact it is having on businesses. The speed at which organisations can develop AI based technology and increase their value is key to having a competitive advantage. Whilst many organisations are still trying to understand exactly what AI is capable of, this article summarises some of the key benefits that are already being realised.

How can AI benefit your organisation?


The age we’re living in is not the same anymore to what our parents or grandparents had. In our world, humans and technology have adapted and learned to walk hand-in-hand across everything we do, no matter how big or small it may be.

Artificial Intelligence


Today, everybody is trying to build a chatbot. With an array of new platforms and software packages, space has opened for average joes to create the technology negating the need for skilled developers. Developers can arguably do a better job with APIs and other connectivity tools and I wouldn’t advise against hiring them but for those just starting out, you can have a chatbot set up in minutes.

Conversational Chatbots