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Godzin is a team of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science Experts who have come together to make the future of technology accessible for small, medium and large businesses across the globe by leveraging the power of millions of existing data points to identify meaningful patterns and algorithms that will automate your data driven arduous tasks accelerating company's growth exponentially.

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Digital Marketing

Use AI techniques to understand customer behaviour and market demand across social media and web platforms. Enhance your brand voice and automate workflows for higher efficiency.

Digital Consulting

Deploy AI based solutions that take huge amounts of unorganised data you have collected over the years and turn them into valuable insights that can help you grow.

AI Chatbots

Automate your interactions with your target audience by leveraging the power of techniques like natural language processing and deep dialogue context to efficiently navigate complex conversations.

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About Us

We strongly and utterly believe that our world is at the cusp of a technological revolution driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning where data will be the highest valued asset for every company regardless of what they do or what they want to achieve.  And the only way for any business to be at the top of your industry in this generation is to make the move towards innovation that bridges the gap between machine and human intelligence and combines them into highly-effective tools that redefine day-to-day business activities.

Our specialization lies in understanding your business requirements inside-out and based on an extensive analysis, curating customised AI roadmaps in order to highly increase productivity and efficiency of your processes. We stand with you through the entire journey of creating a cohesive strategy, outlining a thorough plan and finally implementing the said strategies in a timely manner across all your departments and divisions. After its done, we also offer complete support in maintaining an uninterrupted functioning of all the new operations.

Our ultimate goal is to take the immense amount of data coming in from all sources including research, social media, audience feedbacks etc and turn it into useful ways for businesses to solve the biggest challenges they face on an every day basis. We build AI capabilities and empower you to unleash your true potential to take on the world in everything you do!

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